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Not sure how best to get started with ProdPad? Our customers tend to fall into two camps, ones who are starting their journey with us by focusing on implementing ProdPad for strategy, discovery, and prioritization, and those looking for better ways to manage feedback and insights from customers and stakeholders. Here are our top tips for both scenarios!

Strategy, discovery & prioritization

  1. Set up your products/product lines in ProdPad to build the right roadmap view to support how your teams and products are structured. Take the work you are currently tackling and add it to the Now column on your roadmap - remember that each initiative should be framed around a problem you're trying to solve!
  2. Import your Ideas from your existing backlog and map those ideas against your initiatives.
  3. Update the Ideas workflow to map to your own discovery & delivery processes/steps
  4. Integrate with your delivery tool (e.g. Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello)

Managing feedback and insights from customers and stakeholders

  1. Set up your products
  2. Import your existing feedback e.g. do you have some collated into sheets for example or that you can export as a CSV from another system and import into ProdPad? Add tags to help with filtering feedback e.g. by functionality, customer segment.
  3. Link common feedback together under ideas to help with prioritization and validation
  4. Invite colleagues as Reviewers to add feedback for customers and set up a feedback portal to allow customers to share feedback straight with you
  5. Set up your ideas workflow - by adding feedback to ideas, this will help you validate and prioritize your work through discovery. You should set up your workflow to reflect your discovery and ideation stages through to delivery and post-release.

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