How can I use ProdPad to collect feedback?

You can gather feedback into Prodpad in a variety of ways:

Once it lands it can be found in the feedback section, which is essentially a collection of all the feedback in your account, sorted in three tabs:

  • Unsorted is all of the feedback that has yet to be reviewed or actioned. Think of it a bit like your inbox.
  • Backlog is all of the feedback that you have already looked at and made any necessary edits to, like linking to ideas or adding a tag.
  • Archived are all of the feedback that you have decided to remove from your Unsorted or Backlog views.

For all views, you have access to custom views and filters to help you digest available data a bit better. All lists under feedback, including companies and contacts, are customizable via the list settings.

Access to custom views and filters

Tracking Feedback

As feedback comes in, it will be added to the Unsorted tab. We recommend you immediately add a tag so you can find it later, and any other attributes you think are important. At this point you probably want to determine if that feedback is useful to you/aligns with your current strategy. If so and you choose to keep it, move it to your Backlog, or if not Archive it.

If this is a new piece of feedback that you think has potential, or adds weight to other pieces of feedback you have already collected you can link it to an idea to start tracking it.

Tracking multiple pieces of linked feedback under one idea not only allows you to track it but it also means that you can eventually get back to people who requested it. The more pieces of feedback are linked to an idea, the higher the customer feedback number will be, allowing you to prioritize your ideas backlog better.

Within feedback you also have the ability to manage  Companies and Contacts, so you can keep track of where the feedback comes from as they come in and importantly as mentioned above go back to those customers once an idea linked to their feedback gets released to let them know you have tackled their problem.

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