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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add: Admin, Editor, Reviewer
    • Edit: Admin, Editor
    • Delete: Admin, Editor
    • View only: Reviewer (Limited editing rights for feedback created)

There are multiple ways of adding ideas in ProdPad, whether you're logged in and viewing your Dashboard or are on the run. This guide will run you through each of them.

Add feedback via the Quick-Add button

You can add customer feedback anywhere in ProdPad by clicking on the Quick-Add button on any page. This will allow you to select between quickly adding Ideas or Feedback, which will pop out the relevant slider and allow you to fill out the form.

The following fields must be entered to submit a piece of feedback:

  • Contact name or Email 
  • Company 
  • Feedback


The customer's email is used as the unique identifier, so even if you don't have an email, enter some sort of text. This will help prevent any duplicates in the system.

Add feedback via the Customer Feedback Page

When on the customer feedback page, you can click on Add feedback at any time to prompt the Quick Add slide out.

Add feedback via the Portal/Form

Feedback can be collected using a customized portal or form using the customer feedback tools. If either embeddable widget has a product linked to it, it'll come pre-linked to the correct product to aid triage.

Add feedback via a CSV Import

On the Customer Feedback page, below the form indicated above, there's an option to import a CSV file. You can download a sample CSV here

Add feedback via an Integration

We have several integrations available, including our Chrome extension, Slack, our API and Zapier.

With Zapier you can create custom integrations, including creating a dedicated email address for clients to sent in their feedback to, which will automatically add all feedback to your account.

Add feedback via The Email Dropbox

Our Email Dropbox feature allows you to add feedback on the go by simply sending an email that creates content in ProdPad. When you create a new account with us you are given a unique email, that will look a little something like, which anyone in your account can use and send feedback to. Just head to your Account Settings to see what you're email should be, and get started! 

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