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Adding Feedback to Ideas allows you to track the impact of Feedback against your product backlog, providing you with validation as to which problems to solve. This provides you with both the quantitative (how many pieces of Feedback) and qualitative (what your customers are saying) aspects to help guide your informed decisions. 

Link Feedback to an Idea via the Feedback list

Select the Feedback you wish to Link to an Idea from the list. In the contextual menu that shows, select the Bulk Update option to prompt the slide out.

Enter the Idea title or ID to search for it. If the Idea does not yet exist, you can create it by entering its title and selecting Create and add. Once you're finished, just click the Update feedback button to save your changes.

Link Feedback to an Idea from the Feedback view

When on a piece of Feedback, you can link directly to an Idea by clicking on Add to idea at the top right. This will prompt the slideout and allow you to search for an existing Idea name or title. If the Idea does not yet exist, you can create it by entering its title and selecting Create and add.

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Link Feedback to an Idea using the text highlighter

If you receive a really long piece of text or email from a client, it's sometimes much easier to highlight a piece of text and turn that into an Idea instead of trying to break it up into multiple pieces of Feedback!

Simply highlight the text you wish to turn into an Idea (or a separate piece of Feedback) and click on Create as new idea or feedback. 

You can also link Feedback to an existing Idea by following the same action and instead clicking Link to a new or existing idea. This option will allow you to create a new Idea or choose an existing Idea to link the Feedback with. 

The text will remain highlighted with the link to the idea for easy triaging and reviewing.

Link to Feedback within an Idea

To link existing feedback from within an Idea, go to the Feedback tab and click on Add feedback. You will be given the option to add new Feedback or link to an existing one.

If you choose to add an existing one, a slider will pop out allowing you to search for the content of the feedback and link it straight in.

Clicking on linked Feedback from within an Idea will open up the side peek view. You can easily navigate between linked resources by using the triage mode buttons, which are located on the top of the side peek view. In the below example, there are five pieces of Feedback linked to the Idea. You can flick between the linked Feedback using the triage mode buttons. To learn more about how the side peek view works, click here.

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To unlink items, navigate to the Idea tab within the piece of Feedback or to the Feedback tab within the Idea and select the check box for the items you'd like to unlink. Next, click the Unlink button to unlink the items.

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