How can I organize my products and product lines?

The size of your product portfolio will vary based on your organization size and growth stage. If you manage a handful of products, you may want to have them as separate items with their respective roadmaps. If you have a large number of products (think 15, 50 or even 100!) you would benefit from grouping them together into product lines. Regardless of your portfolio or team size, ProdPad can help you manage it all seamlessly 👍🏼.


The Portfolio is the highest level of the ProdPad hierarchy within an account, offering a view of all products and product lines available. It allows you to document your portfolio strategy, with an available portfolio level canvas, objectives and key results, and roadmap views respectively.

Product Line

Product Lines provide you with a way of associating and grouping products that have similarities in type, user, or business unit. Product lines have their own canvas and roadmap views that bring together all products associated with the product line.


Products are components that have a vision, solve a problem, and have objectives to work towards. This can be an actual product or a service you offer. All products have a dedicated canvas, objectives, and roadmap. There is a one-to-one relationship between a product and a roadmap, so we recommend keeping this in mind as you create your products. Depending on how your teams are set up, you may create your products and roadmaps to keep your teams aligned based on platforms or departments.

Here are a couple of examples:

If you aren't quite sure if you need more than one product, ask yourself - is the strategy different enough from one component to the other that you require a separate space for each? If the answer is yes, you've got more than one product! (If you're having trouble figure that out,  book a roadmap clinic with us!)

Top Tip:

Rather than having a product and roadmap for each delivery team, focus your product and roadmap on your customers. Does your roadmap tell a cohesive story which describes how your customers will see value from your product? If they need more information, you may be too granular in your approach. If there is too much information, you may need to break things down a little more

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