What levels of roles and permissions are available in ProdPad?

ProdPad gives you the ability to invite your entire company in, where they can pitch ideas, add thoughts to others' ideas, and see where previous feature requests have ended up.

You can give your colleagues as much or as little access as you like: Anything from being able to view and edit any idea, product, or persona, to just being able to pitch ideas and edit their own.

You can set user access roles in your Account settings > Users and Permissions

The available roles are:

  • Admin: Can administrate the entire company account on ProdPad, including inviting other users, editing ideas and roadmaps, and changing company information. This includes access to changing billing details and even deleting the account.
  • Editor: Can view and edit any idea or roadmap within the account, but does not have administrative access and cannot delete products.
  • Reviewer: Can add and edit their own ideas, but can't edit ideas added by others, access company settings, or make any changes that will impact the product process (edit roadmaps, integrations, or workflow.)

In addition, there are assignment roles:

  • Product Managers: A way to assign selective access to manage products and roadmaps.
  • Owner: An authoring role used to highlight who is responsible for ensuring an item is taken care of. 

There is also the concept of a creator. The creator is the user who creates an item, and therefore has special rights to edit the item, within the bounds of the specific role.

The person who creates your account is, by default, your Admin user. 

Throughout our Help Center, you will notice roles are highlighted at the top of articles, including the plan details for which they are available.

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