Setting up Workflows


ProdPad allows you to manage your ideas through an idea workflow, meaning you can track the progress of an idea from its creation through discovery, delivery and market validation.

But what if you’re managing multiple products with varying workflows? Good news, ProdPad can help you with that, too.

How to do it

Head over to the company settings and under "Workflow" edit your stages.

To create a new status, click the +Add new workflow stage at the bottom of the section.

You can rearrange your workflows in the correct order using the drag/drop handle.

Top tip!

If you need a little inspiration, we recommend the following setup:

  • Validation/Discovery
    • Reviewing
    • Discovery
    • Defining 
    • Design 
    • Ready for Dev
    • In Progress
    • QA 
    • Done
    • Measuring Success 
    • Success
    • Contact Customers
    Not moving forward
    • Not Doing 
    • Duplicate 
    • Failed

Need more help? Check out this Product Success Session:

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