Inviting your Team Members

Once you’re happy that everyone has a shared understanding and engagement with the approach then you can start inviting people! Remember you could stagger your rollout by initially having a pilot group (with trusted colleagues, perhaps with a shared mindset as you or for getting input, this can be useful from the configuration stage)

ProdPad gives you the ability to invite your entire company in, where they can pitch ideas, add thoughts to others' ideas, and see where previous feature requests have ended up.

Available roles

You can give your colleagues as much or as little access as you like: Anything from being able to view and edit any idea, product, or persona, to just being able to pitch ideas and edit their own.

You can view and set user access roles by clicking Settings > Account Settings and navigating to the Users & Permissions tab.

The available roles are:

  • Admin (aka Product Manager): Can administrate the entire company account on ProdPad, including inviting other users, editing ideas and roadmaps, and changing company information. This includes access to changing billing details and even deleting the account.
  • Editor (aka Product Manager): Can view and edit any idea or roadmap within the account, but cannot access company settings or delete items.
  • Reviewer (aka Team Member): Can add and edit their own ideas, but can't edit ideas added by others, change the roadmap, or access any company settings.

The person who creates your account is, by default, your Admin user.

How to invite users

To invite a new user to join your ProdPad account, click on Settings on the bottom left-hand side of the navigation bar followed by Invite users.

Certain restrictions are applied depending on your role:

  • As an admin, you can invite other users to join as an editor or reviewer. Upgrading to an admin role can be done once the user accepts the invitation.
  • As an editor, you can invite reviewers only.
  • As a reviewer, you cannot invite other users.

Feel free to edit the available copy on the email that will be sent. Use this opportunity to inform your teammates about what ProdPad does and how it will help your entire team.

Once the invite is received, the user will have to click on a verification link to join. If you’re using a browser antivirus or link checker, please copy-paste the link into a new browser window, as clicking it will result in an invalid link.

Example template for inviting users

Here is an example template email that you can use as a baseline to introduce ProdPad to your colleagues:

"We are introducing ProdPad as our new Product Management tool to help with managing our Roadmap, Ideas and Feedback. You will receive an invitation to ProdPad so that you can set up your account.

is an overview video of ProdPad to get you going in less than 2 minutes!

You will be a Reviewer in our ProdPad account, this enables you to:

View our Roadmap
View Ideas
View Feedback
Add Ideas
Add Feedback
Join discussions on any of the above

We hope you embrace this opportunity to be part of our product process and submit all the great ideas and feedback from our customers.

Please note that users will receive an invite email if you use Slack SSO or invite from ProdPad but if you use Google or SAML SSO, they will not receive an invite email, you would need to send them the link to login instead.

Setting up SSO

To make things easier for you and your team, you can also set up SSO in order to bring users onboard without having to send individual invites. To browse all of our current SSO options, just click this link

For our Essential Modular plan customers, the following options are available:

For our Advanced Modular customers, alongside essential SSO, the following options are available:

For legacy account users, please check the below Legacy Plan SSO Availability table to show available options.

Plan Type Available Options
Essential plan customers Google SSO | Slack SSO
Advanced plan customers Google SSO | Slack SSO | Azure Active Directory | SAML 2.0 | OKTA | OneLogin
Performance and Enterprise customers Google SSO | Slack SSO | Azure Active Directory | Azure Directory Federated Services | OKTA | OneLogin | SAML 2.0
Modular V1 Customers without Governance Power-up Google SSO | Slack SSO 
Modular V1 Customers with Governance Power-up Google SSO | Slack SSO | Azure Active Directory | SAML 2.0 | OKTA | OneLogin | Multiple account authentication with SAML | Configurable login timeout

Top Tip

To help your team members log in, we've written out a detailed login guide!

Further Reading

  • Best practice guide- why not create your own for your context?
  • Although ProdPad is intuitive, consider what training and support some of your colleagues might need for onboarding onto using the tool. You could do this in-house by doing a demo or sharing our videos. We are able to support with this too; contact us for training options.

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