Theme Discovery


This feature will be available to all users, across all plans, providing your admin has enabled Beta Mode.

Theme Discovery is a new feature in Beta Mode that presents users with the key themes and topics being talked about in your feedback. 

Simply head to the 'Discovery' tab in the Feedback section, and you'll see the most talked about themes symbolised in different sized circles as seen below.Once you click into the chosen circle, you'll then be taken to the feedback associated with that theme. From here, you can then filter the results and make any changes with the bulk edit functionality. 

Exclude Themes 
You can also exclude themes from the discovery chart. This means that if the bot is flagging any irrelevant or unwanted themes that you're not interested in, you can customize and filter these out.

To do this, you'll just select 'Exclude Themes' in the top right corner, and highlight the dots you want to remove which will be circled in red. You'll then have the option to Exclude or Cancel your selection. 

As mentioned, this is an early version of the feature, so please do share your feedback on how it's working for you here! 

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