Working with the ProdPad API

The ProdPad API provides a programmatic means for interacting with ProdPad. It is designed primarily to support the integration of ProdPad into other applications such as ticket systems, voice of customer applications and CRM.


The current version of the API is 1.1.


The API allows you to make three different types of calls:

  • GET/ allows you to retrieve information
  • POST/ allows you to create new items
  • PUT/ allows you to update existing items


Authentication is managed using API key that must be included in the authorisation header for every call as a bearer token. 

Authorization: Bearer [API-key here]

Details for generating an API key are here.

HTTP Codes

  • 200 Will be returned if the call was successful
  • 201Will be returned if the object was created successfully
  • 400 If there is an error with the request
  • 401 Will be returned if there is no API key supplied
  • 403Will be returned if trying access http or forbidden resource

Rate Limiting

Currently, there is no rate limit for the API. However, if we find that this is being abused we will block the API key and IP address if necessary.

Base URL

The base URL for all the calls is:

All the calls must be made using SSL. If you do not use SSL, a 403 error will be returned.



In addition to the HTTP status code, errors will also return a error message structured as follows.

{<br> "success":false,<br> "developer_message":"Not found",<br> "user_message":"Idea was not found"}

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