Generative AI features & AskDotBot data use FAQ

Which ProdPad features use generative AI?

How do I get the most out of the Generative AI features?

Generative AI often provides generic or high-level answers if not provided context. We've designed the features to provide context when requesting the model completes the action. If you are finding that the results are generic or high level here are some of the steps you can do to improve the context and specificity of the answers:

  • Product vision: Make sure your product vision is clear and describes what your product is trying to achieve. If you need some inspiration then have a look at this blog post on product vision. 
  • Product description: Fill in the product description. It's worth including information such as the type of product (SaaS, IoT, physical etc.) who it is aimed at (consumer vs business for example) and the target market. Describe how it works, how it's built and any other key information about the product that helps provide context.
  • Feedback: Particularly for ideas, associate feedback to the idea as feedback provides context about the end user problems or requirements that the idea is addressing.

We assemble the context from the information you added to ProdPad. So the more details you provide, the better the context we can provide to the models.

The models used in the Generative AI features are non-deterministic, so you won't necessarily get the same answer each time.

Why does it say something went wrong?

There are multiple reasons for that error occurring. The two most common are 1. that OpenAI is overwhelmed and can't fulfil the request, and 2. that the response returned by the model is poorly formatted. In both cases, it is best to wait a bit and then try again. We are looking at ways to minimise this error as much as possible.

Do the generative AI and AskDotBot features use ChatGPT?

No, we do not use the ChatGPT application for these features. We use the underlying models made available by the OpenAI APIs.

Do you automatically send my data to OpenAI?

No, the data used by these models is not automatically sent to OpenAI. Instead, they require the user to actively click a button to trigger the process for the generative AI features. These features will not automatically send account data.

When enabled via the opt-in toggle in Account settings, the Ask DotBot feature will routinely send feedback description data for analysis.

Do you send any Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

No. For the generative AI description feature, only the text entered in the Idea title field is sent to OpenAI upon clicking the CTA. The generative user story feature uses the idea title, description, feedback description only and product vision and description. 

Ask DotBot will only send Feedback descriptions, it does not send any Contact name, email, company, location or biographic info held against the record. 

If you wish to ensure that this type of data is not sent at all, we recommend making sure that no PII is included in the Feedback description or Idea title fields when using these features.

Is my data being used to train and/or improve the OpenAI models?

No. From March 2023 the use of data for model training/improvement is now on an opt-in basis - we have not opted in for this. OpenAI states: "Any data sent through the API will be retained for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted (unless otherwise required by law)."

Do the Feedback and Idea similarity matching features or the Signals feature use OpenAI? 

These features use language processing models which is handled within ProdPad's architecture.

How can I opt out of generative AI features?

We understand that some people don't want their ProdPad account to use any OpenAi functionality, so you have the option to disable it in Account Settings > General.

Turning off Enable Generative AI features will remove all AI features for all users in your ProdPad account, which includes: 

By default Generative AI features will be enabled. You can return to Account settings at any time to disable or reenable generative AI features. 

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