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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions

    All users can import feedback using a CSV file.

Save your existing feedback as a CSV file. Include a contact name and an email. While email is not mandatory, the field is used as a unique identifier, so be sure to enter something that will allow the system to use that field to prevent duplicates. 

The fields that can be imported are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Additional details (maps to the customer Bio)
  • Feedback

Once you've got your CSV file ready, you can import into ProdPad.

Locate the Import button the feedback page. 

👀You can use this sample CSV to easily create your own version.

Once you save, your feedback will be imported, and you'll be able to add more details, tag your colleagues in them so that they can follow and join the discussion, and more. An email will be sent your way to confirm the upload has been completed.

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