Feedback Sources and Channels

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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add/Delete: Admin, Editor, Reviewer (only if feedback creator)
    • Edit: Admin, Editor
    • View only: Reviewer 

A feedback's source and channel helps you identify how the feedback was submitted to ProdPad.


The source highlights how the piece of feedback was submitted. The available methods are:

  • ProdPad - any ideas created within the ProdPad app.
  • API - ideas created via integrations with our public API.
  • Slack - ideas submitted with the Slack App.
  • Zapier - ideas added via a zap created in Zapier.

A feedback's source cannot be changed.


The feedback's channel highlights the specific way in which the customer may have contacted you. This attribute can be used to filter out feedback as needed. 

The available options are:

  • Email
  • Customer support request
  • Conference 
  • In-person conversation/meeting
  • Sales team
  • Social media
  • Telephone conversation
  • User test
  • Website contact form
  • Customer feedback portal
  • Customer feedback form
  • API 
  • Slack
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