We’ve built out an API and use Zapier to allow you to integrate ProdPad with a wide range of other tools and services, including development management tools, project and task management tools, and customer support tools – and many more! Zapier integrations are free and currently do not count towards your subscription package.


Save Intercom conversations as ProdPad feedback

If you want to collect ProdPad feedback from Intercom conversations, you can do so using Zapier.

You will need:

  • An Intercom account
  • A Zapier account
  • A ProdPad account

Step 1: Select your Trigger

To get this going, we will select the trigger from Intercom as "New closed conversation in Intercom" from the available triggers in Zapier.



To ensure you have the right data, run a quick sample check. Be sure to update a request prior to running this check.

Step 2: Add a filter

To narrow down the conversations you are passing forward to ProdPad as feedback, set up a filter so only matching items get pushed over with the Zap.

You may want to create a custom tag for this, such as "feedback."

You would then tell Zapier to only move forward if the request is updated with the specific label.



Step 3: Send Feedback to ProdPad

Now it's time to customize how information will be sent in to ProdPad!

ProdPad Intercom
Username User Name
Feedback Messages body
User Email User Email
Source API
External Link Name Intercom Ticket
External Link URL Links Conversation Web