Create ProdPad feedback from new Zendesk tickets

If you want to collect feedback in ProdPad from Zendesk tickets, you can do so using Zapier.

You will need:

  • Your Zendesk API key
  • Your ProdPad account
  • a Zapier Premium account

Step 1: Select your trigger

To get your zap started, let's select our main trigger as a New Ticket in Zendesk. To add an automated filter, also select a specific view to match your ticket. This will ensure that only tickets that meet certain criteria will get to ProdPad.

In this case, we have created a custom view called "Suggestions" in Zendesk. Only tickets that meet the feedback criteria we assign them will land on this view, then trigger the zap.

If you need help creating a ticket view, check this Zendesk help article.

To ensure you have the right data, run a quick sample check. Be sure to update a request prior to running this check.

Step 2: Create feedback in ProdPad

Now it's time to customize how the information will be sent into ProdPad!

*Ticket description will send the original request from the ticket over to ProdPad. Instead of the ticket description, you could summarize the entire thread and use "Last private comment" instead.

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