Save Intercom conversations as ProdPad feedback

Zapier is a great way to collect ProdPad feedback from intercom conversations.

To do this, you will need the following:

  • An Intercom account
  • A Zapier account
  • A ProdPad account

Step 1: Select your Trigger

To start with, search for Intercom and connect your Intercom account to the Zap. Next, select "Tag added to Conversation" from the available triggers in Zapier. 

In the Trigger menu, select the tag you'd like to use for the trigger. In this example, we've opted to use a tag in Intercom named prodpad_feedback

Once you've selected the tag, make sure to run a test in the Test section to ensure everything is working correctly. 

Next, create a new action by using the + button under the Trigger action you've just created. Search for ProdPad in the available actions in Zapier and connect your ProdPad account. Next, in the Event field scroll down to Search and select "Find Contact". 

In the action menu, select User Email from Tag Added to Conversation for the Unique ID (Email) field. 

Next, click the Name field, and from Tag Added to Conversation select "User Name".

Make sure to tick the " Create ProdPad contact if it doesn't exist yet?" option (you might need to scroll down the menu to find this tickbox). Ticking this option ensures that a contact will be created in your ProdPad account if the contact doesn't already exist when creating feedback using the Zap. 

When you're done, just click the "Continue" button and test the action to ensure it's working correctly. 

Add another action by pressing the + button and search for ProdPad. Once selected, make sure your account is connected. Next, click the Event field and under Create select the "Create Feedback" option.

In the Action menu, click on the Feedback field and select "Tag Added to Conversation" (this is the Intercom trigger we created) followed by "Conversation Parts Conversation Parts Body" (this will send the message body of the tagged conversation in Intercom to ProdPad as feedback).

Next, click on the Contact field followed by Custom and select "Find Contact in ProdPad" (this is the ProdPad action we created) followed by "Contact ID".

Scroll down the menu and in the Contact Name field select "Tag Added to Conversation" followed by "User Name".

Lastly, click the Contact Email field and select "Tag Added to Conversation" followed by "User Email".

Once you're finished, test the Zap to ensure the correct information is being sent into ProdPad. Once you're happy with the Zap, you can publish it and begin using it to send tagged conversations in Intercom into ProdPad as feedback. 

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