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Idea attributes give more context and information about an Idea. These attributes can be used to filter the Ideas list to help you hone in on particular themes or strands of work. 

The following attributes are available on all Ideas:

    • Roadmap Initiatives
      The Initiative the Idea is contributing towards - see here for how to connect your Ideas and Initiatives. You can also add a new Initiative by clicking the Link Initiative button followed by Add new
    • Integrations
      Push or link Ideas to integrations.
    • Added by
      Who added the Idea. If done via the API or portal, it will reflect the owner. This cannot be changed.
    • Owner
      The user who owns the Idea.
    • Products 
      The product (or products) the Idea relates to. 
    • Personas
      The Persona the Idea relates to.
    • Tags
      Tags to help highlight the Idea's theme.
    • Show on portal
      The option to enable the idea so it's visible on the customer feedback portal.
    • Confidence
      A score for how confident you are in the success of the Idea.
    • Date added
      The date the Idea was added.
    • Last Updated
      The date the Idea was last updated. 
    • Impact
      A score for the impact an Idea could have.
    • Effort
      A score for the effort needed to make the Idea happen.
    • Confidence
      A score for how confident you are in the success of the Idea.

Idea to vision alignment

Working with Ideas day-to-day means that it's sometimes easy to lose track of the bigger picture and keep potential features aligned with your overall product strategy. ProdPad's AI comparison tool helps you to check the relevance of an Idea against your product vision as defined in your product canvas, and gives you tips and suggestions for better alignment. 

If you haven't assigned an Idea to a product, or if it's linked to more than one, you'll be prompted to choose which product you want to compare the Idea to.

The tool will present you with a comparison analysis, which you can use as the basis to further refine your Idea. This feature is currently in beta, so please share any thoughts and feedback. See our AI FAQ for further information on how this feature works. 

Idea State and Workflow Stage

At the top of your Idea you have the option to set the Idea State and Workflow Stage. There are three idea states (Backlog, Unsorted, and Archived) which allow you to focus on the day-to-day but flip states as and when needed. The workflow stages represent the process that an idea might follow through from when it's created to its completion. You can read more about idea states and workflow stages in this help guide here.

Idea fields 

Every Idea comes with default fields that help you flesh out the Idea. 


A topline summary of what the Idea is about. Try phrasing it as a hypothesis, a question or a problem to solve - rather than just a feature you want to build e.g Will adding more API end points increase useage? 


This is space to expand on the Idea, and get into the details. You can use our AI description generator to help build out this area and edit the AI-generated Idea description in the modal before saving it to your Idea. For more information on our AI tools, see our FAQ

What problem are you trying to solve?

This field is designed to help you focus on the core reason for an Idea. By identifying the problem you're hoping to address, you can get a better Idea of the value of and reason for an Idea, and avoid being too feature-led. 

What value would it provide, if solved?

As above, this area is to help you hone in on the benefit the Idea could yield. 

Target outcomes

As you build out an Idea, you should get an idea of the effect and impact you expect it to have. Use this field to help define what you're hoping to achieve with your Idea. Remember - without an idea of what outcome you want, it's harder to measure success. 

Actual outcomes

Use this area to record the end impact of an Idea. This field is a great way to reflect on an Idea - did it achieve what you expected it would? What happened differently? (Just to note, this field will only appear once you have created the Idea). 

Idea fields 

You can add links to your ideas by clicking the + Add Link button. In the slide-out menu, you'll have the option to fill out the Link name and URL address fields. If you're manually attaching the Idea to an integration, you can fill out the Associated integration fields accordingly. For more information on adding links to Ideas, take a look at our help guide here.

Linked Ideas

You can link new or existing Ideas to your Idea by clicking the Link Ideas button. Alternatively, you can click the Suggestions button to use ProdPad's AI tool to help you pick recommended Ideas! 

The slide-out menu will then display the related content and a confidence rating for each suggestion. Click the  light-bulb icon to open the suggested Idea in a new window, the paperclip icon to link the suggestion as related, the + icon to link the suggestion as a duplicate, or the X icon to remove the suggestion from the list. 


You can comment on an Idea via the comment section. @ a user to start a discussion and click Reply to reply directly to a comment! 

Add New Initiative 

To add a new Initiative directly from the Idea Canvas, click the Link Initiative button followed by Add new. This will prompt the quick-add slideout menu to pop out where you can create the new Initiative. 

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