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A canvas is the fastest way to show off all the important bits of your product or business. This one pager pulls together all of the elements included in a section. It’s designed to give internal stakeholders a high-level view of what products are on the product team’s plate, and what each one is looking to achieve. 

In this document we will review:

Canvas components

The canvas is available for products, product lines, and portfolio. 

The following options are available on the portfolio level

  • Value proposition
  • Customer segments
  • Problem to solve
  • Solutions to your problems
  • Advantages
  • Channels
  • Key resources
  • Cost structure
  • Social Good/Sustainability
  • Revenue Streams

The following options are available by default on the product and product line levels:

  • Product name
  • Vision
  • Description
  • Strategy
  • Value

All sections are editable, so feel free to change the headers, description and details as needed.

Top Tip

You can add more "sections" by using rich text headers within existing fields, splitting them into two, like in the below example.

Quick Access Links to Ideas and Feedback

On the individual product level, the canvas includes quick links to access ideas and feedback linked to the product. By clicking on either, you will be sent to the ideas list with the preset filters for the product in question.

Canvas view showing quick links

Sharing the Canvas

To share canvases with other team members, simply click on the ellipsis menu on the top right corner and select the “Share” option. Using this option will allow you to invite outside members to become part of your ProdPad account and view, edit, and review Products.

Export the Canvas

You can export your Product Canvas by clicking on the Publish option under the ellipsis menu on the top right corner of the page. You can export in either PNG or PDF file format.

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