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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add/Delete: Admin, Editor, Product Manager
    • Edit: Admin, Editor, Product Manager
    • View only: Reviewer

Initiatives group together multiple ideas and stories and explain at a high level what it is that you're working on, why, and for whom you're building things for. They help make sense of your strategy and link back to objectives, so you understand how the work that you're doing is having an impact on your business and on your customers. 

Add initiatives

To add a new initiative, go to the roadmap page and click on Add card to prompt the slideout.

Give the card a name and a description so all team members know what it's about. If you can, try to form the title and description as a hypothesis: How can we do x in order to y.

Add any attributes that are relevant to the card, including the objective, tags, column and whether it is public or internal.

From this view you also have access to add ideas and user stories from your backlog.

If you ever need to edit the initiative, simply click on it to prompt the slider again. Formatting is available through our text editor when highlighting any text available.

Delete initiatives

To delete an initiative, click on it to prompt the slideout and find the ellipsis at the top right. Here you will find the option to delete it.


Once an initiative is deleted, it cannot be recovered

Duplicate initiatives

If you need to duplicate initiatives and content within them - it's as easy as pie!

To begin:

  • Click on the initiative you wish to duplicate
  • At the top right corner, click on the ellipsis menu
  • Select "Duplicate" from the available options

The duplicated initiative will appear directly under the original card, with the title set as "Copy of..." by default.

Share initiatives

Initiatives can be shared directly using the share card URL option.

To do so:

  • Click on the initiative to open the slideout. 
  • Locate the ellipsis to show card actions
  • Click on the copy icon to copy the URL

Further Reading

Copying URLs are an easy way of showing dependencies between initiatives!

Move initiatives to other products

If you'd like to move an initiative to a different product - no problem!

First, click on the initiative you want to move and trigger the slideout.

Under the Attributes section, find the product listed and click on the edit button.

You will see a list of all available products on the drop down menu. Select the one you wish to move the card to and click  Save next to the field.

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