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This feature will be available to all users with Admin and Editor roles providing an Admin has enabled Ask DotBot in Account Settings > General

Ask DotBot is a Beta feature that helps users understand and analyze their feedback using AI. Want to know how feature x could be improved? Ask DotBot!

Please note that the final feature’s name, functionality and availability in plans will likely change as it is refined.

Simply head to the 'Questions' tab in the Feedback section, and you'll DotBot waiting to answer your questions. Ask Dotbot is all about helping you quickly discover the things/insights you need to prioritise and spend your time on. 

Head to the 'Questions' tab in the Feedback section

A few things to note:

  • Ask DotBot uses 3rd party services which require us to upload non-PII data in order to deliver the functionality. Read our Terms of Service for more information. If you'd like to learn more about this please contact
  • DotBot is an AI bot, not a human. So to get good answers, it’s all about how you phrase your questions. If you don’t get the answer you were expecting, try rephrasing the question. Dotbot thinks about your feedback as one big corpus of text so doesn't really yet get the concept of people or users so bear that in mind when phrasing your questions.
  • Each question has a 150 character limit to help keep the question direct and understandable!
  • DotBot only talks about content in your feedback and will give you an error if you try and talk about something else.
  • While in Beta you get a soft limit of 10 questions a day per user.
  • While in Beta this is restricted to Admin and Editor usage only.

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