Working with Beta features


Certain beta features will use 3rd party services which may require us to upload non-PII data in order to deliver the functionality. If you'd like to learn more about this please contact

In order to make ProdPad the most useful tool for building better products, we’re constantly evaluating our user’s feedback, and experimenting with functionality. So we can validate these potential features, some prototypes will be available in the app as beta features. These will be highlighted by a blue banner:

Exploring beta features means you can: 

  • Experience new potential ProdPad features
  • Evaluate how they could work for you and your team
  • Share your thoughts on how it could improve 

We want to get as much input on beta features as possible, so they will be available across all plans, and for trialists too. Where applicable, role restrictions will apply to beta features, i.e some functionality will be for admins only. Please note that the final feature’s name, functionality and availability in plans will likely change as it is refined.

Feedback on beta features is incredibly useful to us and will help us make sure the features evolve to their most valuable version. Wherever a beta feature is flagged there will be a survey link for you to share your thoughts, but you can also always share feedback via our portal, or by emailing  

What is currently available in Beta?

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