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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add/Delete: Admin, Editor, Product Manager
    • Edit: Admin, Editor, Product Manager
    • View only: Reviewer

Initiatives allow you to group ideas and user stories together to explain what you're working on and why. 

Add ideas and stories to an initiative from the initiative pipeline

You can attach ideas to your initiative through the pipeline section.

Simply click on the card to prompt the slideout, navigate to either Ideas or User Stories (based on what you want to add) and click on the Find or create search field to look for the item you want to link.

If the idea doesn't exist, you can create it on the go by typing the idea name and selecting Create & add.

As user stories only exist within an idea, only previously created stories will display on the story dropdown.

All user stories that are part of ideas linked to the roadmap card will appear under Associated User Stories on the user story tab. To add them simply click on Add to card.

Add ideas and stories to an initiative from the idea page

You can also attach ideas to a roadmap initiative directly from the idea page by selecting a product and initiative to associated it to right away. 

To add a user story, find the story and next to the Add to roadmap dropdown select the relevant card.

Add ideas to an initiative via bulk update

You can add/change the card associated to any idea using the bulk update option in the ideas list. Simply select the ideas you wish to update and click on "Bulk update" to run the command.

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