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Based on your product process, you can assign and change the state and workflow stage of an idea, allowing you to track the idea through its completion. This gives your entire team an insight into how your product team works, and what is required to take an idea from 'new' to its final implementation.

The difference between idea states and workflow stages

We have one main state (your backlog) and a couple spare states (unsorted and archived.) These spare states hold ideas out of your main backlog so you can focus on that in the day-to-day, but flip states when the context requires.

Your workflow stages represent the process that an idea might follow through, from initial ideation through to final completion, including all the pre-delivery steps like discovery & design, delivery itself (where it's sync'd with your dev tool) and post delivery steps like beta phases, press/blog, contacting customers, and of course, validation to make sure the idea actually solved the problem it was designed to.

The three states available are Unsorted, Backlog, and Archived.

  • Unsorted are all of those ideas that have yet to be reviewed or actioned. Generally these are categorized as 'New ideas.'
  • Backlog are all of those ideas that you have already received and made edits/changes to. We generally recommend creating a workflow stages called "In review" or "In validation" to indicate the idea has been looked at and is no longer a 'New idea' waiting to be sorted.
  • Archived are all of those ideas that you have decided to remove from your Unsorted or Backlog views. We generally recommend creating workflow stages to indicate why, such as "Duplicate," "Not doing," or "Failed experiment," for example. 

Create your own custom workflow

You can edit your workflow stages under Settings > Account Settings > Configuration > Workflow.

To create a new workflow stage, fill out the form under "+."

To delete a workflow stage, hover over the name and click on the bin icon that appears next to it.

Creating your own custom workflow

By default, all accounts are provided with the following workflows:


  • Reviewing
  • Discovery
  • Defining 
  • Design 


  • Ready for Dev
  • In Progress
  • QA 
  • Done


  • Measuring Success 
  • Success

Not moving forward

  • Failed
  • Not Doing 
  • Duplicate 

Create your own custom workflow filter

Once you have created your own custom workflows, you can create your own custom views. This allows you to keep an eye on ideas that may fit certain trends.

For example, if you only needed 5 of 10 workflows created for one team, but another team needs 8 of the 10, each team would have the ability to create their own custom view.

To do so, begin by viewing your filters and selecting all the workflows for your custom view.

Once you've selected your workflows, create a saved filter. You will be able to share this saved filter with other users.

Top Tip

Combine workflow stages with emoji to show off success measurements.

For example:

  • 🚀 Tracking and measuring success
  • 🎉 Key results met, successful outcome
  • 👎 Outcome did not measure as expected
  • ❓ Requires more information
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