How do I manage user stories?

User stories are a way of breaking down your product specs into discrete pieces of work that are meaningful to a user.

User stories exist in ProdPad within an idea. In order to create a user story, you must first create an Idea.

Adding a user story

Once the idea has been created, you will find the user story tab available under the +Add section menu.


Each User Story in ProdPad can be added to the roadmap individually, allowing you to plan development for part of a larger idea instead of the entire idea (which may have grown in scope as it was being spec'd out).

Each User Story can also be pushed to development individually via one of our integrations.

Typically, user story identifies with one of your personas, outlines what they need to accomplish, and the problem they need to solve, using the following format:

"As a User Persona...,
I want to do something...,
In order to solve this problem...."

The user stories section of the specification outlines the users that would be expected to use the system, what their needs and expectations are, and how they will interact with the system. Along with the User Acceptance Criteria (UAT) that can be added to each story, it's possible to make it crystal clear for your developers as they build out each piece of functionality.

Moving user stories to another idea

You can move user stories to another idea if needed.

To do so, select the ideas using the selector box.

When you do this, an inline menu will appear. Select 'Move to another idea' and search for the idea by ID or title.


the story is moved, both ideas will be marked as related to each other.

Duplicating user stories

If you need to duplicate a user story, simply select the user story using the selector. On the inline menu, select the duplication icon.