Creators vs Owners

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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Assign: Admin, Editor, Reviewer (if creator)

There are two authoring roles when an item is created in ProdPad:


A item creator is the person that added the item to the account. This could be an idea, a piece of feedback, a persona or even an initiative. Depending on the specific role (admin, editor, or reviewer,) the item creator will have certain rights that will allow them to edit the item further.

On ideas and feedback, the item creator appears under the Added by attribute.


An owner is used to highlight who in the team is responsible for the item. Be it an initiative or an idea, the owner is the person in your team responsible for ensuring the item is taken care of. Any creator can assign a user to be an owner to an item they have created.

Assigning a reviewer as an owner to any idea (regardless of the creator) will give them temporary editing rights.

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