Data Classification

  • Availability
    • Plan: Enterprise 
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add/Edit/Delete: Admin

Data classification labels are a way for admins to highlight levels of sensitive information within their accounts. This ensures everyone in the team is made aware of the sensitivity of the information that is being worked on.

Classifications can be applied to Roadmaps, Ideas, and Feedback. It also allows users to select a data classification type when submitting a new piece of feedback via the portal or form.

Types of classifications

There are three levels of classifications available:

Primary classifications

Primary classifications allow you to set the sensitivity of the information available. The highest classification applied will also show at the top of every page.

Secondary classifications

Secondary classifications are optional, and can be used to further highlight restrictions set for the data being read. For example, if you have a specific audience type that should be limited to reading the data, you can use the secondary classification to highlight that. These can be applied alongside primary classifications.


The footer option allows you to add standard text that will be displayed across the footer of your account.

How to manage classifications

To manage classifications, go to  Account Settings > Classification. Here you will find options for your primary, secondary, and footer settings.

You can create up to 10 different primary and secondary classifications as needed by clicking on the Add button.

Classifications can be given a name, color, and acronym to quickly allow your team to identify them.

Once created, you can determine their importance by setting them in order on the list, the highest being the most important. This will determine which will be the primary color shown on the page header.

How to apply a classification

When adding text, you will notice there is a visibility icon available (look for the eye icon). Clicking on it will show the classification dropdown.


A classification type must be selected in order to add or edit any content.

You will first be prompted to select the primary classification, followed by the optional secondary classification.

When applying classifications to ideas, any additional section added can have its own classification type. That is, the idea canvas can have different classifications than those applied to the functional specs.

Filter by classification type

If you'd like to focus on a particular type of classification, you can filter out any view by using the filter section > Classification and selecting the relevant options. This will allow you to narrow down the information on screen.

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