GDPR within ProdPad

If you collect data from EU citizens (even if you are based outside of the EU) you need to complete the 5 tasks included in the "Compliance & Privacy" tab under Account Settings. Particular importance should be given to the Privacy Policy (3) and Privacy Notices (4) tasks in order to be GDPR compliant.

The T&Cs now states specifically how we will process and secure data that is entered into ProdPad and the responsibilities of both us and you as Data Processor and Data Controller respectively under the GDPR. You no longer need a separate Data Processing Addendum (DPA).

If you capture/store customer feedback in ProdPad, you need to update your own Privacy Policy to state as such. Depending on the deal between the UK and EU, you may need to sign Standard Contract Clauses with us. Our Standard Contract Clauses are Schrems II compliant.

If you use the ProdPad Customer Feedback Portal feedback and/or Widget, you need to update the Privacy Policy on each to state how their data is processed and add us as sub-processor.

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