Network & Infrastructure Security


ProdPad is hosted on Amazon Web Service (“AWS”) in the EU (Ireland) region. Full details on the AWS security measures can be found here

If you are interested in hosting on another cloud provider or on-premise, get in touch with

Physical Security

For full details of AWS physical security see


All data is encrypted in transit both within the ProdPad network and between you and the application using TLS/SSL. The encryption is based on RSA 256 bit keys with perfect forward secrecy using EDCA.

We care about the trust you place in us in providing us with your company and personal information. While no one can guarantee 100% security, we have in place various methods of securing your data including:

  • Encryption-in-rest and in-transit
  • Minimization of personal data collected to what is required to deliver the Services and websites
  • Usage of firewalls, regular vulnerability scans and intrusion detection

Infrastructure Scans

Weekly infrastructure vulnerability and configuration scans are conducted using a variety of services. Any identified issues are addressed based on the risk rating produced by the scans.


Firewalls exist at both the network layer via virtual private cloud (“VPC”) and on each host. The VPC serves to isolate ProdPad servers from the rest of the AWS network. The infrastructure within the VPC can only be accessed via Application Load Balancers (“ALB”).

AWS Security Groups (“AWS SG”) and VPC Access Control Lists (“VPC ALC”) provide both inbound, outbound and internal content policies.

Intrusion Detection (network & host)

Intrusion detection systems operate on each host and at the network/infrastructure level.

Audit Log

All network traffic, infrastructure actions and performance is logged and available for audit, security and compliance purposes. Various alerts are set up on the logging in order to provide early response to incidents.

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