Is ProdPad Safe?

ProdPad is safe. We store your data on secure Ubuntu servers on Amazon's EC2 service using Amazon's Security Groups, along with individual server firewall to protect against intrusion. Access to the servers are controlled using public key encryption.

We use SSL throughout the app, on all pages, to secure every last transaction and piece of data entry, for all accounts.

In terms of security we use a similar approach to many SaaS solutions that require users to have access to an account in order to see any data. We use a layered approach combining access filters that run every time something is accessed as well as database queries that require users to have access to the account in order for data to be returned.

In terms of backup and disaster recovery, we use Amazon's RDS to provide the database. RDS performs nightly backups that are stored in S3 and we also use point-in-time logging. This allows us to restore the database to within 1-5 mins of when the database goes down. As we use AWS we can re-create the instance of ProdPad, including app servers and database servers, in another region, should there be an extended downtime in the current region. The app servers are maintained by Chef allowing us to re-create exact replica within minutes.

Finally, in terms of our internal processes and policy, we don't have easy access to your ideas and data (ie. I can't simply log in as you to see what's in your account), and we only dig into the logs or the database when specifically required for troubleshooting. We don't resell or reuse your data in any way, nor do we have plans to (our business model is to provide tools to save you time and effort, not to attract advertisers or buyers like you'd expect from a free service, for example).

You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

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