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    All users can view the impact of feedback against the ideas list.

Adding feedback to ideas allows you to track the impact of feedback against your product backlog, providing you with validation as to which problems to solve. This provides you with both the quantitative (how many pieces of feedback) and qualitative (what your customers are saying) aspects to help guide your informed decisions. 

Quantitative Impact

To understand the quantitative impact of your feedback, head over to your ideas backlog and sort the list by feedback. This will list your ideas based on the most (or least) amount of feedback linked, and give you a quick insight into where your attention might be.

If you can't see Feedback in your list, click List settings on the top left-hand side of the menu and make sure Feedback is selected. You can also change the order of how the list is displayed in the List settings menu by using the toggle button to move columns up or down the list.  

Qualitative Impact

Because ProdPad focuses on helping you understand what users are saying, when you click on an idea you'll have access to view all the pieces of feedback linked to that idea. This gives you access to a dedicated list with access to the contact profile, contact persona, and even contact job role. Most importantly, you can see who said what.

If you're looking to dig down further, you can always export the feedback list and contact those users. This gives you the opportunity to run further discovery and validation!

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