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Utilize the Side Peek view to optimize your workflow efficiency and productivity. The side peek feature serves as a strategic tool for seamlessly navigating between Ideas, Feedback, and Initiatives. From any one of these resources, simply click on a linked resource to view it in the side peek view. 

Using the side peek view

In the below example, we'll be utilizing the side peek view with Initiatives and Ideas, but it's the same process when editing Feedback. Navigate to a Product on your Roadmap and open an Initiative. From inside the Initiative, open a linked Idea to trigger the side peek view. You can interact with the linked resource the same way you would in its normal view, which makes editing on the go super convenient! 

You can easily navigate between linked resources by using the triage mode buttons, which are located on the top of the side-peek view. In the below example, there are four linked Ideas on the Initiative. You can flick between the Ideas in the same view as the Initiative using the triage mode buttons. 

If you'd like to adjust the width of the side peek view, simply drag the left-hand side of the side peek window to your preferred size. 

To make the side peek view full screen, click the arrow icon on the top right-hand side of the linked Idea.

To return to the normal view and close the side peek, just press the X icon on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

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