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  • Availability
    • Plan: Essential (One product at a time)
    • Plan: Advanced, Performance, Enterprise (Unlimited products and product lines, including portfolio)
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Publish/Delete (All products): Admin + publish creator (Editors can only delete publish items they create)
    • Edit: Admin, Editor
    • View only: Reviewer

ProdPad helps you share your roadmaps easily through our Roadmap Publishing App. Whether it's for your customers or internal stakeholders, create all the necessary views!

How to access the Roadmap Publishing App

The Roadmap Publishing App is available from one of two places:

The first is by clicking on the Apps icon on the main navigation menu anywhere in the app.

Access roadmap publishing via the Apps icon on the main navigation menu

The second is by going to the specific roadmap and selecting the “Roadmap publishing” option in the ellipsis menu.

Accessing roadmap publishing from the “Roadmap publishing” option in a roadmap

Once there, click on New published roadmap to get started.

Start by giving your roadmap and name and description. This description will be available in the final published version.

Then select if you wish to publish your entire portfolio or a specific product line or set of products.

Giving your roadmap and name and description

Select your columns

When publishing, you'll be able to select whether you wish to show your active roadmap columns, as well as the candidate, or completed sections.

Whichever tab you wish to create the export for must be selected. If you wish to publish multiple sections of your roadmap, you will need to create a new version per section - that is, create a new published roadmap for the column you wish to display.

  • Candidates will show only cards on the candidate section.
  • Roadmap will show only cards on the roadmap section (with your Now, Next, Later columns.)
  • Completed will show only cards on the completed section.

Candidates, roadmap and completed sections

Set filtering and view options

You now have the ability to create viewing options.

You can select one of the default options by clicking on Saved views or create your own version. 

The following card settings are available:

  • Objectives
  • Objective labels
  • Title (default)
  • Description (default)
  • Ideas
  • User Stories
  • Tags
  • Impact & Effort
  • Card Owners
  • Visibility

If you wish to define a specific set of objectives, tags, and which level of visibility for the cards shown, you can do that using the filters on the right hand side.

Publish your roadmap

Once you are ready to publish your roadmap, you have two options available: print or publish to a URL.

Print to PDF

Click on Publishing options and select “Save and Print to PDF” 

URL/Embed code

You have the option to create either a ProdPad hosted URL or an embed code. If you’re looking for a white-label way of sharing your roadmap, the embed code is the better option.

When ready, you can grab the URL or embed code for your roadmap from the Publishing Options slide out.

Roadmap publishing options

Top Tip

You can edit the CSS to customize parts of the roadmap. For example, to hide idea counts, you can use #pp-published-roadmap .pp-roadmap__column-title-tab-count { display: none; }

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