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Once all the ideas on an initative have been done, you can complete it and remove it from your main roadmap.

To complete an initiative, click on it to prompt the slideout and select "Completed" under the column options.

You will be able to select the completion date as well as enter details about the outcome for the initiative itself. This gives you the opportunity to outline if the work that you did had the impact you expected it to have, and how you might replicate success in another initiative.

If there are any active ideas left, you can choose what to do with these ideas before marking the card as complete.

All completed initiatives will be moved to the completed column. Here, you will be able to look at cards completed in the last 3 months, in the last 3-6 months and over 6 months from the current day.

To restore an initiative, click on it to prompt the slideout and select the column it should be moved to.

Top Tip

If you have an initiative with ideas that you choose not to move forward, move it to completed and write an outcome anyway! This will help you understand why the initiative was a failed experiment.

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