What is an idea?

Ideas are opportunities for problems to be solved. Whether you’re the product manager, CEO, or in sales, the more information you are able to provide for an idea, the more likely it is to be picked up and moved through the product process.

Structure of an idea

All ideas have a title, a description, and a business case that asks two questions - what problem are you trying to solve and what value would it provide if it were solved. 

These are the main focus areas when you first add an idea


This helps you and your team understand the problem, allowing for any additional sections to be added as you figure out a possible solution.


Ideas can be assigned attributes that help highlight items like who created the idea, where it was created from, and what product or roadmap card it is part of. The following attributes are available:


Sections are part of your discovery process and allow you to add a variety of information to help support working on a particular solution. The following sections are available:


The idea workflow relates to the workflow status set by the account admin(s). These statuses reflect the overall product discovery and development process. 

An idea's workflow status may be changed manually or through an integration sync. 

Priority Scoring

All ideas are provided a priority scoring. This helps identify the relative impact and effort it would take to implement the idea.

Once scoring is assigned, the idea will then appear in the main chart, helping you visualize your priorities.