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You can easily visualize your Initiative priorities by navigating to the Roadmap view and clicking on the Chart tab. 

Currently, there are two types of charts available for Initiatives. The first is the Portfolio Roadmap chart, which will display the Initiative prioritization for your Product Portfolio Initiatives. To access this chart, simply navigate to Roadmaps and click the Chart tab (like in the above screenshot). The second type is the product-specific Initiative prioritization chart, which will display the prioritization for Initiatives of a specific Product in your Roadmap. To access this chart, navigate to Roadmaps and click a Product. You can then select the Chart tab to display the Initiative prioritization chart for that specific product. 

To quickly navigate to an Initiative on the prioritization chart, simply hover over it to see the Initiative's name and click it to open up the Initiative canvas. This will open the Initiative in peek mode and allow you to navigate between all the Initiatives shown on the chart. To view the Initiative's full canvas just click the expand icon.

Unlike the Ideas chart the colour and size of the dots are all uniform in this first release of the chart. 

To visualize your Initiative priorities in more detail, you can use the filters on the left-hand side to focus on specific tags, objectives, workflow, and even Initiatives that are assigned to a specific user. For example, if you were looking to strip out all Initiatives and focus on ones assigned to a specific user on your account, you could select the user from the Owners filter and nurture the Initiatives left on the chart.

Visualize Initiative Priorities is available on the following Legacy plans:
Modular V1 + Roadmaps
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