How do I import ideas?

Create a CSV file containing your backlog

Save your backlog as a CSV file. Include at least a description or summary field, and feel free to include any other fields from the list below. Your backlog fields don't need to have the same name as the ProdPad fields (e.g. Description), they can be mapped before being imported. The fields that can be imported are:

  • Description – The main description or summary of the idea. This is the only required field
  • Title – The title helps give context to an idea when browsing a list of ideas
  • Business Case – The reasons for implementing the idea
  • User Stories – How the users will interact with the system
  • Functional Specifications – Outlines the functionality of the system
  • Tags – Tagging your ideas adds context and helps to organise them and improve search results. Tags can be comma separated to add multiple tags to the idea
  • Additional Notes – Anything in this field will be added as a comment on the idea
  • Reference URL – Link to the idea on another tracking tool such as Pivotal Tracker or JIRA
  • Reference ID – ID of the idea in another other tracking tool

The following fields can also be mapped if data is available:

  • Impact and Effort (based on current selection)
  • User Personas
  • Products


To import your product backlog

You can import your product backlog from the Ideas list by clicking on "Import." We've included a sample CSV to this document so you can easily create your own version.

Once you save, your ideas will be imported, and you'll be able to add more details, tag your colleagues in them so that they can follow and join the discussion, and more.

If you're looking to bulk upload your existing ideas, you can do so via the bulk update option.


If you need to export your backlog, please read this article.