Archive and Delete Ideas

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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
    • Archive: Admin, Editor
    • Delete: Admin, Editor
    • View only: Reviewer

You can remove an idea in one of two ways: By archiving or deleting them.

Archiving is a simple process that allows you to bring back ideas to the backlog, or refer to them later if need be.

Deletion is a permanent process and ideas cannot be recovered after.

To remove an idea from your Backlog, you can simply move it to the Archive tab. This places it in a suspended state and does not delete any information, so you can always make the idea active again when it is ready to be worked on at a later time.

Archiving from the Ideas List

Find the idea on the roadmap or ideas click on the state and switch it to Archive.

Archiving from the ideas list

Archiving from an idea

Locate the state button at the top right and select "Archive."

Archiving from an idea

You can also archive ideas through bulk update actions.

Deleting from the ideas list

Find the idea on the roadmap or ideas list, select them and on the contextual menu hit the Delete button.

Deleting from the ideas list

Deleting from an idea

Find the ellipsis menu at the top right and select Delete.

Deleting from an idea

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