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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions

    All users can export items to a CSV or PDF files. Roadmap exports are limited to Admins and Editors.

If you ever want to export your data from ProdPad, you've got several options to do so.


Product canvases can be printed out at any time as a PDF.


The roadmap can be published as an external URL or embed code, or printed out the as a PDF.


To export ideas, click on the selector at the top of the list and hit the Export button to export the backlog. Available formats are CSV and XLS. We will email you when your export is ready.

On export, the following fields are included:

  • Idea ID
  • ProdPad link
  • Creator
  • Date Created
  • Owner
  • Status
  • Title
  • Summary
  • User Stories
  • Effort 
  • Impact
  • Business Case
  • Functional Specs
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Products
  • Personas
  • Number of comments
  • Roadmap Card
  • External links

Not included in export:

  • Files
  • Designs
  • Discussions
  • Linked ideas

Files and Designs can be downloaded separately. 


Personas can be printed to a PDF using the Publish option.

Using the API

All data can be exported using the ProdPad API.

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