How can Sales, Support & Success use ProdPad?

Product doesn't sit in isolation and ProdPad can provide a valuable home for insights and collaboration with colleagues in customer-facing teams such as Sales, Support and Success. Using ProdPad to manage these insights and tie them to product work shows customer-facing colleagues that their insights are valued and helps keep that communication flow open and valuable to all. Here are a few main ways these teams can make use of ProdPad.

Access to product updates

ProdPad makes product information more accessible for other colleagues through a variety of ways:

  • Sharing the product roadmap to better understand the direction of the product
  • Slack integration brings product information into Slack where day to day work happens, allowing for discussions on product stuff where the conversation happens, but allowing for this information to be brought into ProdPad so it's easy to manage for the product team
  • Preparing for customer meetings - For specific customers, Sales and Success can look at what feedback they've given ahead of a call and review where Ideas are, to help aid the conversation. For example, when the Success team is prepping for a catch-up with a customer, they will look at the feedback for that company and then look at the status for any related ideas. At a glance, without having to ask anyone in Product, they are able to understand which ideas are in discovery, user research or about to be released and are able to communicate this to the customer. This access to information helps the team feel empowered and able to support customers successfully.

Sharing ideas and feedback

ProdPad makes it easy to share insights and collaborate with customer-facing stakeholders, allowing them to add ideas and feedback into ProdPad from where they are working, without having to log into another tool. This can be done via:

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