Email Dropbox

If you’re ever on the go, and have and idea that needs to be added to ProdPad, this is made simple using the Email dropbox. Anyone who’s got a user account in your ProdPad account can add an idea using this email, and ProdPad will automatically detect whose name to attribute it to.

As soon as you create your company account on ProdPad, you’ll be given a unique email address that looks a little like this:


Top tip

If you're not sure what your email address should be, drop us a line and we'll help you!

To add an idea, send an email to this address – it can be directly TO: or in the CC:fields. The idea that you would like to add should be in the body of the email, not in the subject line.

Make sure that you send from the email address that you're using for your ProdPad account. Without this, ProdPad has no idea who sent the idea in the first place, so it won't get entered!

There is a limit of 1024 characters for each idea, so make sure the description you send is brief. Remember, you can always add more into the Business Case, User Stories, or Functional Specs later!

Once your email is received, ProdPad will process the idea, add it under the correct person's name, and then send an email to that person to confirm that it was received and captured. This can take up to 5 minutes to be processed.

No one can add an idea using the email address if they don't already have an active user account on ProdPad.

Setting up your Google Apps email

Contact us first before you proceed with the following setup!

In order to get a personalised email address working, you need to create a Group in your Google Apps account (Settings icon >> Manage this domain >> Groups >> Create Group). The group should have the email address like 'suggestions@'. Then, under Users for that group, set the only member as Set the access level to Team, so anyone can post ideas. You might also want to set an alias for the Group as something like suggestions@ so that you catch typos.

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