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You can easily visualize your priorities by assigning impact and effort to all of your ideas. By doing that, your ideas will be mapped out in a chart view, with your 'time sinkers' on the right and your 'quick wins' on the left

In your ideas list, click on the Chart view to toggle the impact/effort chart.

The chart measures impact vs effort across all your Ideas. Each of your ideas has an associated Idea dot. Idea dots show you the state of your product backlog at a glance

  • The size of the dot determines how detailed the idea is, essentially a rough guide to show you the difference between a one-liner and an idea that has a bunch of comments, mockups, user stories, etc.  It's by no means scientific, but useful to have a rough idea!
  • The color of the idea determines the last time those ideas were interacted with, ranging from bright red for ideas that have been recently interacted with, to a plain grey for those that have been ignored for a while. 

To visualize your priorities in more detail, you can use the filters on the left hand side to focus on specific tags, products, roadmaps, and even those ideas that are assigned to you. For example, if you were looking to strip out all new ideas and focus on ideas that haven't been looked at in a while, you can toggle on the "Not updated recently" filter and nurture the ideas left on the chart.

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