21-01-13 Release Update

New and Improved

  • The portal UUID now displays on the slideout as expected, so you can add your portal to Confluence and gather feedback from your team!
  • Screen showing UUID slideout as expected

  • Multiple overlapping dialogs now close only one dialog rather than all of them instead of giving you an unexpected domino effect.
    🁧 🁻 🂇
  • When adding a custom domain and there's an error, the error message displayed provides better guidance as to what went wrong.
  • Priority chart time color codes are a bit more clear, and show a more representative time span to reflect how much time passes by as ideas are not updated. This will allow you to visualize your priorities with more accuracy. The new time spans are as follows:

    Priority chart time color codes


All of our bug fixes this week improve UX and usability throughout the app. While they may seem small, they make the ProdPad UI that much sleeker and easier to use.

  • Fixed a tiny small gap in triaging copy. Itty bitty, but still celebrated.
  • When deleting a resource which has a file attached, the file will no longer show in global search.
  • When opening embed on portal, a default tab is now selected to keep things consistent.
  • Fix floating list headers when classifications are enabled.
  • Converting image tags added via the Froala editor to markdown for our Trello integration now works as expected, meaning you should no longer see weird text passing through!
  • All text added under the <code> tags in text passes through over to integrations (particularly Trello) without breaking the text.
  • Reviewers now have access to copy text from fields, even if those fields are not editable by them.
  • Saved filter buttons on roadmap are a tiny bit more aligned. It's all about perfection.
  • Assigned product manager avatars are also now aligned, for even more perfection. Sleek like a ninja. 🥷
  • Idea and feedback attribute slide outs now have fixed footers.

In addition we also have some non-UI related bug fixes:

  • Emails triggering properly for comments and threads on feedback items and design annotations, so you can always be up to date with team discussions.

Release v6.106

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