JIRA Installation Considerations

Self-hosted instances

Project and field data retrieval may be affected if there are any firewall restrictions, reverse proxies or port forwarding being utilised on the Jira servers. To ensure ProdPad has the required connectivity ensure that if there is a firewall or have a selective block between the internet and your JIRA server, that it allows traffic from the IP addresses:


If you are using HTTPS then port 443 will need to be opened otherwise port 80 for HTTP.

Mapped fields

If a field is required in Jira and is presented in the Idea or User Story field mappings in the ProdPad integration set up, the field must be mapped to a ProdPad field.

  • Pushing to development will error if a required field has not been mapped in the ProdPad integration configuration
  • Pushing to development will error if the field has been mapped but the ProdPad field is empty. For example, Idea description is mapped to the Epic Summary and the Epic Summary is a required field, if a user pushes an idea without a description Jira will return an error

For fields to appear as an option in the Idea/User Story field mappings, the field must:

  • Be added to a screen in Jira for the relevant issue type and the project the integration has been mapped.
  • Can be required or optional
  • The mapped data type must be compatible i.e. mapping a text field in ProdPad to an Attachment field in Jira will cause Jira to return an error.

Required fields

Fields that are not mappable but need to be populated prior to issue creation must be set as ‘required’ and not set to ‘hide’ in the Jira field configuration.

  • If a field is not marked as required but is implemented as a validator on the create issue transition in a workflow the Jira will return an error when pushing to development.
  • If the field is set to ‘hide’ in the field configuration, the field will not be pulled through into the ProdPad UI.
  • Any required fields that use autocomplete or select list renderers must have valid options in the relevant project’s settings i.e. Components, Affected Version/s

Pushing duplicate Ideas/User Stories

When an Idea or User Story is pushed to development it will create a new issue in Jira. If an Idea or User Story is pushed again it does not update the issue type in Jira, another new issue will be created. If an Idea or User Story has been pushed to Jira a link to the issue will show under External links in the Idea/User Story information. If workflow status’ have been mapped it will be reflected here also.


  • Avatar
    Simon Sanderson

    When do you expect the Next Gen project endpoints to be in-place?
    (I know that you are going to say 'Later'!)

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hi Simon,
    Just thought I'd loop back at this. Unfortunately Atlassian has yet to finish their NextGen API, and until it is fully ready we cannot support it. We're awaiting eagerly for the new API to be completed!