How do I add ideas to a roadmap card?

Add ideas to roadmap cards (via roadmap)

You can attach ideas to your card through the pipeline section.

Simply click on the card to prompt the slideout, navigate to "Pipeline" and under "Find or create" look for the idea you want to link.

If the idea doesn't exist, you can create it on the go by selecting "Create & add."



Add ideas to roadmap cards (via idea page)

You can also attach ideas to a roadmap directly from the idea page by selecting a product and a roadmap to associated it to right away. 


Via Bulk Update

You can add/change the card associated to any idea using the bulk update option in the ideas list. Simply select the ideas you wish to update and click on "Bulk update" to run the command.


Top tip!

You can also add user stories to your roadmap card! Be sure to create the user stories within an idea first, then you'll be able to attach them to any given roadmap card.