What do the colored dots mean?

The colored dots in the visualize priority plot map help you identify which ideas are the most fresh and which ideas are the most fleshed out. They are based on the assigned impact & effort on each idea. 


The size of the dot determines how detailed the idea is, essentially a rough guide to show you the difference between a one-liner and an idea that has a bunch of comments, mockups, user stories, etc.  It's by no means scientific, but useful to have a rough idea!

The color of the idea determines the last time they were updated, ranging from bright pink for ideas that have been recently interacted with, to a plain grey for those that have been ignored for a while. 




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    Mahesh Ramachandra

    What does Blue mean?

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    Andrea Saez

    Hey Mahesh,
    Sorry for the delay! I've just updated the article to show what each color means in detail.

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    Lee Howard

    Hello! A legend near the plot map would help a lot, I believe. Also, a more traditional color scheme, or a monochrome or heat map style color scheme may be more intuitive for users. The current colors could mean anything. Further, both the pink and purple you use are very intensely pigmented, but one represents an idea more recent than another. Without a legend I'd never intuit that. However, using intensity and saturation of only one color (i.e. dark blue for most recent and pale, translucent blue for least recent), could be more intuitive. Thanks again for all your work on ProdPad!

    Edited by Lee Howard
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    Andrea Saez

    Hey @Lee - thanks for the feedback. A legend will be added to the plot map soon :)