Triage Mode

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    • Plan: All
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    • Add/Delete: Admin
    • Edit: Editor
    • View only: Reviewer

Triage mode allows you to quickly sort through your backlog, add any information, and move on to the next idea so you can get stuff done.

Triage mode is immediately enabled when you click on any item on a list. If filters are applied, you will see the reference to the specific view in the triage highlight on the item page. You can then go back and forth on that list and triage using the available buttons.

Triage mode allows you to quickly sort through your backlog

Take advantage of quick filters

Quick filters are provided by us and provide you the benefit of being able to jump on triaging quickly and effectively. The following quick filters are available: 

Owned by you

These are all of the ideas to which you have been assigned to as owner. Use this filter to make sure you're on top of all your work.

Added by you

Don't you just hate it when you know you added an idea, but can't remember what it was called? Worry no more, use this filter to quickly identify all ideas added by you.

Followed by you

Keep on top of ideas you follow with this filter and make sure you keep up to date with how things are moving forward.

Quick Wins

These ideas have a high impact and low effort. These are the ideas you should consider getting spec’d out and sent to development!

Identifying quick wins

Not updated recently

These ideas are at risk of being forgotten. Just have a quick look through at the end of each week. Even if you just add a tag or a comment, or answer something simple like ‘What problem is this idea solving’ in the business case, it’s a good step in grooming your product backlog effectively. Ideas older than 30 days will show up on this view.

Triage mode is also available on Feedback and Roadmap cards.

Alternatively, you also have access to create your own filters. If there’s a particular product or trend you want to keep your eyes on, save it as a filter and enter triage mode to decide which items you will be moving forward.

Top Tip

In a rush? You have access to inline triaging right from the ideas list!

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