How do I create a Product?

Add a product

Head to the 'Products' section of your ProdPad account.

Click on Add button at the top of the page and select 'New product.’

In the available slideout you’ll have access to enter the following information:

  • Product name
  • Product vision statement
  • Business Objectives & KPIs
  • Product Description

Click "Next" to add the product attributes.

For customers on Advanced+ plans: Select your product lines if any.

For customers on Performance+ plans: A list of available admins and editors will be available to select as product managers for the product.

Click on Save & Finish to complete the process.

The number of products you can manage with ProdPad depends on the account type you have. Maximum number of products per account are as follows:

Starter – 1 product
Essential  – Unlimited
Advanced  – Unlimited + Product Lines and Portfolio Roadmap
Performance  - Unlimited + Product Lines and Portfolio Roadmap
Enterprise  –Unlimited + Product Lines and Portfolio Roadmap

If you manage multiple products, take a look at our plans and pricing.

Deleting a product

To delete a product, click the trash icon next to the product. This action available to admins only


  • Avatar
    Tracy Sackellares

    How do I delete an empty product line?????

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hey @tracy - it looks like you're a reviewer in your account, which doesn't give you access to delete items. Only the account admin has access to do this!