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  • Availability
    • Plan: Advanced, Performance, Enterprise
  • Roles and Permissions
    • All users have the ability to favorite a product

Marking a product as a favorite enables users to get quick access to those products when working with ProdPad. Favorited products will provide three benefits:

  • When submitting items, those products have quicker access on the available dropdown list.
  • Products will appear as part of the 'favorite products' quick filter to aid with triaging.
  • Product portfolio mega menu will show favorite products as quickly accessible.

How to mark a product as a favorite

To enable your favorite products, simply click on the star next to the product or product line name.

If only one product is marked as a favorite that product will appear as default on the Quick Add slide out when submitting new items.

If multiple products are marked as favorites those products will appear at the top of the list for the user, above all other products.

Marketing a product line as favorite will set all products within the group as favorite as well.

Navigating with favorite products

Once you have selected your favorite products, those products will become available within the mega menu. This menu allows for specific context to the items that are of interest to you, and allows you to navigate through the app a lot faster.

How to filter by favorite product

Once products are selected, you can use the Quick Filter for 'Favorite products' to quickly refer to ideas and feedback linked to that product.

Top Tip

Marking a product as a favorite has no effect on the management of the product itself. It simply allows the user (regardless of role or product management assignment) to refer to it quickly when navigating, adding new items, and filtering.

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