Customer Feedback

How do I add Customer Feedback?

You can add feedback in a variety of ways:

  • Via the Quick-Add button 
  • Via the Customer Feedback Page 
  • Via the Portal/Form
  • Via a CSV Import 
  • Via Integrations

Via the Quick-Add Button

You can add customer feedback from anywhere in ProdPad by clicking on the Quick-Add Customer Feedback button on any page. This will pop out the feedback slider and allow you to fill out the form.


Via the Customer Feedback Page

Click on the "Add feedback" button at the top of the page. A new page will appear with the following fields 

The fields available are:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Customer feedback

Once the piece of feedback is entered, you will have the ability to add more details, such as adding a file, add a note or discussion, and fill out the following attributes:

  • Link to a product
  • Link to a persona
  • Add a tag
  • Select a feedback channel
  • Add an external link 

Via the Portal/Form

You can add feedback using our portal and form. You can find your form and portal URL in the apps section. 

Via a CSV Import

On the Customer Feedback page, below the form indicated above, there's an option to import a CSV file. If you need a sample CSV, there is one available for download below.

Via Integrations

We have several integrations available, including our Chrome extension, the API and Zapier.

The Zapier integration allows for other integrations, including creating a dedicated email address for clients to sent in their feedback to, which will automatically add all feedback to your account.

Note: All feedback from the same customer will be appended into one view under the customer's name as long as the email is included. If you choose to not include an email address, you risk creating duplicates.


  • Avatar
    Christine Urban

    Should the CSV import have the company name? Can you self add a column for company name?

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hi Christine, the form in the UI doesn't currently support company names, you can add those manually after creation.