How do I edit an idea?

To edit an Idea, simply click on the idea name and click on any text box to make changes.

Text formatting

If you wish to format the text, click and highlight the text field to show the editor. The following options are available:

  • Formatting – turn text into a heading, or style sections to look different
  • Bold – turns the selected text bold
  • Italic – turns the selected text italic
  • Strike-through – adds a line through the text
  • Ordered list – turns the text into a numbered list
  • Unordered list – turns the text into a bullet point list
  • Indenting and Outdenting – tabs the text to the right or left
  • Hyperlinks – add a link to a webpage or an email address
  • Table – create a table
  • Image - Add an inline image

All changes are saved in real time.

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